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Raquel Madeira Health Solutions Coach

My story

The old me 2007 - 2017

I was overtraining with more than 15 classes per week, plus my own individual training, running and other Fitness events. With  on/ off diets my body wasn´t changing, so I got frustrated, low confidence about myself and didn’t like myself as much as I should.

My pregnancy

I went through the most beautiful time while I was pregant, and as a result I made peace with myself accepting and embracing the natural changes. I stoped dieting and started eating healthy according to my needs

The new me 2017 - forever

I couldn’t be happier for the decision I made during my pregancy so I decided to start listening to my body, relax my mind and have time to myself. I managed to achieved the body I always wanted with less training and , eating what I love the most.

ONLINe programs
available for you

best me

BODY and MIND TRANSFORMATION during 12 weeks. Online workshop where we focus on goal setting, meditation, effective and quick workouts to do at home, nutrition counselling, weekly coach call, group support and monthly measurements. This video program allows you to do it in your own time with my support  during those weeks. 

best active

Learn how to workout effectively to achieve your goals of of fat loss and toning. In this program you will get the best out of online training sessions, you just need internet connection and lot of energy.

best Nutri

Learn how to use the best foods with NO DIETS.  Your body will be nourished and you will feel amazing in it. You will dive in the wonderful world of healthy foods without sacrifices and loving it.

The 3 pillars of my programs


you will learn how to master your emotions and to love yourself from where you are now. From there you will know how to spread LOVE around you.


You willl learn how to fuel your body with foods that you love but also nourishes your body. You will stop feeling frustratred, guilty or use food for punhisment. 


You will fall in love with exercise because it’s going to give you more energy, burn fat and tone up your body, at home in a quick and easy way with little or no equitment.